ORUMM Thursday Pant_Soft Blue




These pants have a unique fit, with the sides pointing down toward the front of the knee. The gusset has been improved to be wider, and the hem is slightly narrower as it goes down to the ankle. It is made of fabric that can be worn both indoors and outdoors in spring, summer, and autumn. Made of a cotton and nylon blend fabric (Oxford texture), these pants have both the characteristics of soft cotton and the characteristics of high-strength nylon. These pants have a comfortable design that can be worn both daily and climbing. -Fabric : cotton 65% / nylon 35% -The finished product was washed to improve shrinkage, but the use of a high-temperature dryer is prohibited. - These pants are thick enough to be worn in three seasons, spring, summer and autumn.

Product Details

Updated on 4/10/2023

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